Only in my Dreams

Jen Triathlon 2002
Me in a triathlon, 2002

Last week, I was enjoying some deep sleep (a rarity for me these days) and was having a wonderful dream: I was running. Running fast, perfect form, not for any real purpose or goal, and most importantly, I was pain free.  It was perfect bliss, some sort of existential state of mind and spirit.  It felt SO REAL! When I awoke, I was sad that I woke up but happy I had the experience.  “Well,” I thought, “If I cannot run in real life, I will run in my dreams.”

Last night, I had another active dream. Perhaps its because I watched the documentary “Dust to Glory,”  a film about the Baja 1000. For those who compete, this race is certainly a big undertaking! Its like the Ididarod of motorsports.  In my dream, I won 2nd place overall; I can’t remember if I was on a motor-cross bike or driving one of those high-end dune-buggies.  I prefer to recall I was riding free on a motorcycle, at 110-miles per hour, jumping and flying through the air, in a perfect state of physical balance and mental acuity.  I experienced all the emotions that come with winning (or placing 1st-3rd), something that has not happened since my last triathlon in 2008.

Somehow, I have moved past the stress/fear-based dreams (or should I say, night terrors) that I was having a month ago and now I am dreaming about wonderful physically active experiences. I wake up happy.  I’ll take happy, and I’ll take whatever physically-active experiences I can have, even if its only in my dreams.

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