Reset: 1 Year Post Op

A year ago on this Tuesday, I was had my left PAO surgery and labrum repair, though my actual 1 year anniversary is tomorrow, April 8.  A few months later, I wrote this poem. I never shared it with anyone until now.   I am pleased to say I am pain-free and moving on with my life like I have never done before:


Burning medicine from the epidural

Weakness, nausea, confusion

Alarms sounding

Am I dying?

Suddenly I feel better

But cannot hold

On to consciousness.

Guided to my back

Arms stretched out to my side

Strapped down;

A crucifixion?


Crucify my old self

Put me out of my misery.


I awake

A man speaking tender words:

“Your operation went well.”

“You will be comfortable.”

I feel different.

Bone sawing business

Deep in my core,

My Pelvis.

Sawing out toxicity

From generations past.


That hooked itself

Deep in my core.

I lost my sense of being

My self-worth

My self-love

For many years.

My only choice was this surgery.

Chakra reset

Cutting cords

DNA unraveled and realigned

Release what does not serve

My highest good.

Bone sawing business

Deep in my core,

My Pelvis.

The reset button has been pressed.

I have come home to myself.



5 thoughts on “Reset: 1 Year Post Op

  1. That’s just effin’ awesome. You are so creative!

    Glad to hear things are progressing – it’s “fun” (is that the word I want?) watching your progress B-ski


  2. This is a very powerful, emotional piece. Having gone through it myself, twice as you have now, I recall these emotions. “Please, Crucify my old self..” Thank you so much for sharing this piece of yourself.

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