Between the Wolf and the Dog

Last night I was driving my sister to the airport; she came to visit for a long weekend: a respite for her; for me, a chance to put my fixed hips to the test of physical limits as well as to show her a true Colorado adventure.  In three days, we went white water rafting in the biggest water flow Colorado has seen for some time, stand up paddle boarding, kayaking and a 12-mile bike ride on mountain bikes.  I am pleased my hips were fine, just a nary complaint from my muscles.

As I was driving her to DIA, the rain drizzled, then poured.  We encountered flooding roads, glare and the worst light conditions I have driven in for quite some time.  “The light is terrible, I can hardly see anything!”  I sighed in frustration.  The sun played peek-a-boo with the clouds and emerging storm, all the while the sun tried to retire behind the mountains.

My sister replied, “Entre le loup et le chien.  Between the Wolf and the Dog.  There is a saying in French that at the point at which the light changes at dusk where one cannot easily distinguish between what may be a wolf or a dog.”

I pondered that sentiment, thinking that perfectly explained what I was able, or not able to see.

This evening, I reflect back on what she said.  I feel like my life is in between the Wolf and the Dog.  I am letting go of a business that was my “baby” for many years, I am finding a new normal being pain free with the capability of pushing my body to new limits, I am starting a new project (, and I just found out today it is possible to venture into homeownership after suffering the reprocussions of a foreclosure in 2011.  In this state of transition, I find the PAO surgeries put me on this path of newfound discovery and into a new period of ease.  May I move past this period between the wolf and the dog and into clarity.


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