Dec. 16 2015: 1 Year Post RPAO

Last night marked my one-year anniversary of my right PAO surgery.  I’ve come a long way, baby!  This year has not been without its challenges,  most recently being the loss of my fur baby of 14 years, Evie (she crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 11/10/15).  Evie was with me for a large part of my recoveries, laying and purring right next to each operated hip. The void is immense, but I am eternally grateful  for her company while I was at my weakest, saddest, and loneliest.  I joke and say she was the love of my life, and in a way, she was.  Here is a picture of us when I was eight weeks post op from my first (left) PAO:

Evie and me, June 2014
Evie and me, June 2014

Despite my loss, I have so much to celebrate. I FINALLY feel normal. My “new normal” feels good, though I still have stiffness and soreness.  I ignore it as I know I am bad about stretching and its different than the 24/7 pain that I used to have.  I don’t have to think about proper gait when I walk. I can run. Last month, I started kickboxing (with heavy bags and speed bags, this is the real deal!) three times a week and I feel great. I am entertaining being on a relay team of fellow PAO Warriors for the 2016 Colorado Trail Ragnar in Snowmass in early June (I would run 3×5 miles).   I started The PAO Project, so those diagnosed with hip dysplasia, considering PAO surgery or recovering from surgery can find a source of information and inspiration.  This led to the recent publication of my anthology, “Onward! Navigating Hip Dysplasia, PAO Surgery, and Beyond.” I hope that this is the beginning of bigger and better things regarding increasing awareness of hip dysplasia, and I want to be instrumental in making that happen.

If you are interested in purchasing the anthology, here are the links:

United States:



Worldwide: Order through my Etsy Shop:

United Kingdom, Amazon UK:

My final post op appointment is February 19, 2016.  I am sure things will change a lot by then for the better; I am planning on it!





2 thoughts on “Dec. 16 2015: 1 Year Post RPAO

  1. Hi Jen….I just came across your postings and blog. I think I was researching Dr Bellini as I met with him regarding the news that I need a THR. Your blog has given me tremendous insight and hope regarding recovery, even tho our issues are different. I do have mild displasia, which certainly contributed to my hip wearing out at a young athletic 60yo.
    Your reflection and persistence in acknowledging the obstacles, hurdles, and challenges that come up physically and especially emotionally are really so beneficial to all who face a major physical surgery and health challenge.

    Thank you for this…….im not sure at this point if I will use Dr Bellini as he really has a passion and focus more on difficult cases such as yours or trauma of the hips…..very frank and interesting guy tho…..and wonderful to hear that you jeled with his personality. Im finding it so hard to get a reading on some of these surgeons…and the spectrum of techniques for the THR.

    I thinkyour furry friend waited until you were well on your way i recovery……..I am a dog lover…..and I to ost a 17 year old lab just after an extreemly difficult recovery that he was there throughout. Best to your continues return to a vibrant life….and thank you for your contributions to us all! Merry Christmas and heres to your best 2016 ever!

    1. Hi Barb,
      Thanks for the time you took to respond, I appreciate it! I would have Dr. Bellino do your THR as he is a highly skilled surgeon in all areas of ortho and your follow up care at Stanford Health Care will be excellent. I have talked to others who had him for their THRs and were very happy with the results!
      Yes, I believe Evie hung on until I was recovered, she lost a battle to colon cancer, but the last 8 weeks of her life (which we knew she had cancer) were really special as I made an effort to be home as much as possible.
      Many blessings to you on your journey and if you have any more questions about THR and Dr. Bellino, I am happy to talk with you.
      Best, Jen

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