2 Years Post LPAO

Yesterday was my two year anniversary of my left Periacetabular Osteotomy.  Instead of celebrating my successful surgery and now pain free life, I spent a great deal of time yesterday being a support to two of my closest friends in Colorado who are currently facing some serious health conditions.  It certainly put things in perspective for me.  At times I had to fight back tears, as I sipped my wine over lunch, and later that afternoon over a beer (I did a lot of drinking yesterday) holding my head down, with my hands gripping my hair, saying quietly “you’ll be ok.”  What I realize now is that its my turn to give back in terms of support to these two friends who supported me during my surgery recovery (and I am happy to do so!).

Health is our most precious gift.  Ironically, its so easy to take our health for granted. When was the last time you woke up and thanked the Universe (or your deity) that you can see? That you can hear?  That you can breathe without pain? That you can walk?

I have SO much to be thankful for.  Having my pelvis sawed apart and put back together transformed my attitude just as it did my hip -and that was just a part of my path.  My story is far from over.

I will close with some advice from my friend who is having surgery on Monday to treat atrial fibrillation, “If its not life threatening, its not a problem.”  So set aside your worry and fears, tell your monkey mind to shut the fu** up, and tackle your obstacles head on, like a bad-ass Warrior.



4 thoughts on “2 Years Post LPAO

    1. Hi Jillyan, I am glad my blog helped you. Also know that there is the Facebook Periacetabular Osteotomy support group, which is a great resource for support and to ask questions. Also, I have my website, http://www.thepaoproject.com that provides additional information as well as ordering info for my anthology – which is a very informative and empowering book! Best of luck to you! Jen

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