5-Year Post-Op Anniversary!

Seriously, tomorrow is my 5 year left PAO anniversary, how did that happen?  I say this in every single blog post, and I’ll say it again: time FLIES!

Last month I met with Dr. Bellino at Stanford Health Care for my 5-year follow-up.  He said, “I have no worries for you, go out there and do whatever you want [i.e. run].”  Here is my X-ray, look at the awesome joint space!


I’m still eternally grateful that he gave me my life back.  If you have ever had surgery, when you are regaining consciousness, you may have said things (and sometimes embarrassing things because of the anesthesia) and don’t really remember…well the other day I had this random, yet clear memory that I said to him in recovery: “thank you for giving me my life back.”  (EEEK!)  When I saw him in March, before I had that memory,  I gave him a tie bar that I made and I told him, “let this be a reminder that what you do makes a difference, and so many of us are grateful.” I guess its obvious that I think Dr. B. is the bomb dot com!  Overall, I have a deep appreciation for the advancement in hip dysplasia research and treatment as well as the surgeons and teams who are committed to helping us hippies.

So, I am taking his advice and I am doing whatever I want.  This year, after several years of sacrificing my self-care for the sake of growing my business, I am putting ME first!  Saturday I joined a triathlon training club and ran 5 miles (my nickname is “Wolverine” thanks to my PAO X-ray…guess the screws reminded the coach of the Wolverine movie where he shows his arm, LOL.  I dig it, it’s pretty badass).  Today I rode 23 miles with a few hill repeats to keep things interesting.  As a retired trainer and triathlete, I have a healthier, new perspective on physical activity.  This time, I am in it for the fun, group camaraderie, and health benefits.  I can care less about a PR or beating someone to the finish line. Here are a few pics from the past week (skiing, running, and post-cycling):

The story of this girl’s hip journey is nearing its end.  I will see Dr. Bellino in 5 years, and hopefully he will have the same advice as he did for me when I saw him last.  It certainly takes a village and I am so incredibly grateful for the support of all my friends, family, and my fellow PAO warriors.

My heart is full of love and gratitude, and I don’t take any of it for granted. Namaste.

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