Flip Side

Its been about two weeks since I got the news of the postponement of my surgery, and not only a postponement, but with another surgeon and at another hospital. Dr. Bellino at Stanford is also one of the best in the field, and if you read my former post, I had a helluva time deciding between Dr. Diab at UCSF and Dr. Bellino as Stanford. In the end, it seems that the Universe decided for me.  Divine timing trumps everything else.

“When I think of Dr. Bellino, I remember his blue eyes. Clear and calm. Like Buddha,” my PAO buddy, Jessica writes me (she consulted with him in October 2012 and will again in March; as she is in the same boat as me regarding the insurance debacle with UCSF).  Hence, we quickly coined the nickname “Buddha blue eyes” for Bellino. This term helps calm my nerves and helps me to re-frame my mental state about waiting another 5 weeks for my LPAO.  As I remember correctly, he did have a very calming energy about him.

As I write this, I think that if nothing got rescheduled, I would be leaving next Thursday (!) for CA.  I have so much to do with work and getting everything in order that I am now relieved to have the extra month. So, while it was a pain in my culo to reschedule everything, to still have pain for another 5 weeks, I am looking at the flip side of things on the benefits of the delayed surgery:

  • More time to finish work projects: Fitwise Training: Spring youth soccer promotion and next steps on the patent. Anosia: metalsmithing and building my inventory for summer art shows and my website.
  • More time to increase income, which is critical since I am self-employed. I added two local art shows and another month of personal training.
  • More time to increase my fitness and lose a little more weight by surgery.
  • More time to see the friends that I haven’t yet been able to visit.
  • I still have 2 more passes on my ski pass at Eldora, I need to use them! (note: blue runs only, pain will dictate when my day is over).
  • I will have more time to play before surgery this go-around as I am flying out earlier and will have TWO weekends pre-op in CA.
  • When I return from CA, it will be warmer in CO and will be easier to get around on crutches (less chance for ice/snow and falling)

As you can tell, my past two posts were quite dark but I have emerged and am on the upswing.  ONWARD!

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